No more electric bills !

12 solar panels producing up to 5.5 KW ofelectricity every hour.

Cosy Casa can supply a solar electric system to supply electricity to your home.

Delivery of battery's

Now installed

Solar control equipement

5.5 KW solar array

Battery solar system

Large battery bank storing over 50 KW of energy for evening and night time use.

A solar Pv system can include a bank of batteries to store energy for evening and night time use  

Panels just delivered to site

Average size storage bank

We can design panels to fit in any area

Solar panels on an out building

North facing roof ? No problem !

Day time solar systems

A day time solar system will supply energy all the time it's day light, when the sun goes down you will automatically return to the grid.

All our day time systems include supply and consumption equipment  this means you can at any time anywhere in the world monitor your system on your tablet or smart phone.

The state of the art equipment even knows how much your property is using and how much is coming in from the solar  if the solar is producing more than you require at anytime the equipment will stop any surpluse energy going onto the grid.


Off grid systems

Fully automatic generator

If you don't have an electric supply or you no longer want a supply Cosy Casa can instal a system. With a generator as emergency back up you need never be without power.